Monday, March 29, 2010

32nd Buleleng Art Festival - 7th till 9th of April 2010

Another highlight - the Buleleng (North Bali) Art Festival
  • 7th of April, Wednesday - 9.00 am: Painting Exhibition (Culture and Tourism Office, Jalan Ngurah Rai No. 2 Singaraja)
    7 pm: The Children Gong Kebyar Festival (Gede Manik Art Centre, Jalan Udayana, Singaraja)
  • 8th of April, Thursday - 7.00 pm: Joged Festival (Gede Manik Art Centre)
  • 9th of April, Friday - 7.00 pm: The Adult Gong Kebyar Festival (Gede Manik Art Centre)
Picture from the Buleleng Art Festival 2009

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