Monday, November 28, 2011

29th of November 2011 - Mask Festival in Singaraja - Additional performance!

Don't miss it - on the 29.11.2011 there will be an additional performance in the course of the Mask Festival for the people of Buleleng!
At 7:00 pm - Ex Buleleng Harbour

IMACO International Conference Indonesia 2011 - 30th of November - 03rd of December 2011

IMACO (International Mask Arts&Culture Organization) and the Buleleng Government are co-hosting the IMACO International Conference Indonesia 2011 in Singaraja.
The performances are public and take place at the Ex Buleleng Harbour.
Here you find the program for the 30.11.2011:

For the 01.12.11 and the 02.12.11:
and for the 03.12.11:
The conference will be attended by approximately 100 international participants from over 30 countries.