Friday, August 12, 2011

18th of August 2011 - Singaraja Parade - Pawai Pembangunan

Pictures of the parade 2010.
The parade will start around 1 pm on the 18th of August.

11th of July till 25th of July 2011 Night Market and Exhibitioni n Singaraja

Enjoy shopping, exhibition and local entertainment at the "Pasar malam" and "Pameran Pembangunan" in Singaraja - Lapangan Bhuana Patra.

18th of July 2011 - Warung Bambu celebrated its 13th birthday

For all interested in Balinese Dance, don't miss the birthday celebrations from Warung Bambu Pemaron which are held every year on the 18th of July.
This year the Art School Santhi Budaya presented an exciting performance with Live Gamelan Orchestra, classical Balinese Dance and modern Dance.