Friday, September 24, 2010

25.09.2010 Farewell Ceremony Sail Indonesia 2010

Picture from Sail Indonesia Farewell Ceremony 2009
Don't miss the farewell ceremony of Sail Indonesia 2010 at the Lovina Beach next to the dolphin statue with the Art Performance "Semarandana". Semarandana is a new creation of traditional Balinese music. It is a combination between Gong Kebyar and Angklung which can produce dynamic and beautiful sounds. The dance "Segara Kertih" describes about recent conditions of the earth where the nature is destroyed and we have to safe it, especially the sea.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

18th of August 2010 - Singaraja Parade - Pawai Pembangunan

(Pictures from the parade 2009)

Join this huge procession with thousands of local visitors.

17th of August 2010 - INDONESIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY - Treespotting - Pinjat Pinang

Nearly in every village you will find this traditional competition where young men climb the slippery bole of a Pinang palm tree (Areca catechu) for presents on the top.
A lot of fun to watch! You can ask in a village nearby or just go to Lapangan Bhuana Patra, Singaraja at 12.00.

13th till 26th of August 2010 - Night Market in Singaraja

Enjoy shopping, exhibition and local entertainment at the "Pasar malam" in Singaraja - Lapangan Bhuana Patra.

Friday, July 16, 2010

18th of July 2010 - Life Gamelan Performance in Warung Bambu Pemaron

Like every year Warung Bambu Pemaron will have a special performance due to the birthday of the restaurant, which will be 12 years old.
This year Warung Bambu is happy to present a life Gamelan-Orchestra with about 30 young boys playing. There will be also 3 wonderful dances. Join this special event and enjoy a feast of traditional Balinese food.

Monday, April 26, 2010

27.04.2010 - Bull Race in Sambirenteng

The bull race starts at around 2.30 pm in the village Sambirenteng. ENJOYLAH!

Monday, March 29, 2010

32nd Buleleng Art Festival - 7th till 9th of April 2010

Another highlight - the Buleleng (North Bali) Art Festival
  • 7th of April, Wednesday - 9.00 am: Painting Exhibition (Culture and Tourism Office, Jalan Ngurah Rai No. 2 Singaraja)
    7 pm: The Children Gong Kebyar Festival (Gede Manik Art Centre, Jalan Udayana, Singaraja)
  • 8th of April, Thursday - 7.00 pm: Joged Festival (Gede Manik Art Centre)
  • 9th of April, Friday - 7.00 pm: The Adult Gong Kebyar Festival (Gede Manik Art Centre)
Picture from the Buleleng Art Festival 2009

North Bali Culture and Ogoh-Ogoh Festival on 6th of April 2010

Don't miss it! Not very known yet by travellers, but loved by the locals - the yearly North Bali Culture and Ogoh-Ogoh Festival in Singaraja! It starts at 4 pm on the 6th of April 2010 at the Singa Ambara Raja Statue (in front of the Buleleng Regency Ofiice, Jalan Pahlawan No. 1, Singaraja). Come in time and foreigners will get offered some seats from the government staff. Here some pictures from the parade in 2009. (Imagine, maybe around 1.000 participants and thousands of spectators!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tejakula Art Festival - 17.03.-19.03.2010

17th of March 2010, Tejakula - Pantai Camplung
  • 09:30 Pembukaan
  • 10:00
      • Gong Kebyar
      • Tabuh Pemungkah
      • Tari Puspanjali
      • Tari Manukrawa
      • Tari Baris
      • Tari Truna Jaya
      • Tabuh Penutup
  • 14:30 Lomba Mandayung
  • 16:00 Tabuh Geguntangan Peantian
  • 19:00 Band Kawula Muda Tari Kreasi Disco
  • 21:30 Dangdut Ria Diiringi Keyboard

18th of March 2010, Tejakula - Pantai Camplung
  • 10:00 Wayang Wong Desa Tejakula
  • 14:00 Lomba:
    • Panjat Pinang
    • Makan Krupuk
    • Junjungn Botol
    • Lari Karung
    • Mancing Botol
  • 17:30 Tari Kecak Dance Desa Tejakula
  • 20:00 Lagu Pop Bali (Deden Bintang BRTV) Tari Kreasi Disco
19th of March 2010, Tejakula - Pantai Camplung
  • 10:00 Kreasi Kecak Anak Desa Tejakula
  • 13:00 Wayang Kulit:
    • Dalang Putu
    • Dalang Suadnya
    • Dalang Sukadana
  • 16:30 Tari Bali Yayasan Kundawibawa
  • 19:00 Genggong Dusun Sukadarma
  • 20:30 Bondres Lolak DKK.