Monday, November 28, 2011

29th of November 2011 - Mask Festival in Singaraja - Additional performance!

Don't miss it - on the 29.11.2011 there will be an additional performance in the course of the Mask Festival for the people of Buleleng!
At 7:00 pm - Ex Buleleng Harbour

IMACO International Conference Indonesia 2011 - 30th of November - 03rd of December 2011

IMACO (International Mask Arts&Culture Organization) and the Buleleng Government are co-hosting the IMACO International Conference Indonesia 2011 in Singaraja.
The performances are public and take place at the Ex Buleleng Harbour.
Here you find the program for the 30.11.2011:

For the 01.12.11 and the 02.12.11:
and for the 03.12.11:
The conference will be attended by approximately 100 international participants from over 30 countries.

Friday, September 16, 2011

19th till 22nd of September 2011 Sail Indonesia dan Gebyar Wisata Buleleng at Lovina Beach

Like in the last years you can join amazing performances during Sail Indonesia Lovina. Please click here to see the program.

Friday, August 12, 2011

18th of August 2011 - Singaraja Parade - Pawai Pembangunan

Pictures of the parade 2010.
The parade will start around 1 pm on the 18th of August.

11th of July till 25th of July 2011 Night Market and Exhibitioni n Singaraja

Enjoy shopping, exhibition and local entertainment at the "Pasar malam" and "Pameran Pembangunan" in Singaraja - Lapangan Bhuana Patra.

18th of July 2011 - Warung Bambu celebrated its 13th birthday

For all interested in Balinese Dance, don't miss the birthday celebrations from Warung Bambu Pemaron which are held every year on the 18th of July.
This year the Art School Santhi Budaya presented an exciting performance with Live Gamelan Orchestra, classical Balinese Dance and modern Dance.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

7th until 11th April Bali Art Festival in Buleleng

7th of April

14.00 Parade of the Dawang-Dawang

Opening at the T-Junction in front of the Bupatis office

8th of April

19.00 Gamelan - Performance

Female Gong Kebyar group from Jagaraga
Female Gong Kebyar group from Bengkel

Wantilan Sasana Budaya

9th of April

19.00 Gamelan - Performance

Angklung Kebyar from Anturan
Angklung Kebya from Ambengan

Wantilan Sasana Budaya

10th of April

19.00 Dance – Performance

Joged from Patas
Joged from Suwug Sabi

Wantilan Sasana Budaya

11th of April
19.00 Ending of the Art Festival in Buleleng

Children Gong Kebyar from Nagasepaha
Children Gong Kebyar from Jinengdalem
Presentation of the prices for the winners of the Dawang-Dawang Parade

Wantilan Sasana Budaya